Swedish Car Seat Questions

Swedish Car Seat Questions

Update: CarSeat.se now online! Rear facing and general car seat advice.  Online store with sales of most Swedish car seats which allow 55 lbs (25 kg) rear facing. I get tons of email from parents all over the world asking about the great Swedish car seats.  It's questions about the high 55 lbs (25 kg) weight limit, general technical questions, and many questions about how to keep kids safe in a vehicle. This might be boring for many but I find it rewarding.  There's something really special about helping to keep kids safe.

Not many know the best gift for a little toddler is to keep her in rear facing seat as long as possible.  Not until one or two years, preferably until 4 or 5. The Swedish researchers  know and therefore developed the rear facing 55 lbs Swedish car seats a long time ago.  There are skinny toddlers and stocky toddlers.  Not everyone needs a Swedish seat but it's amazing how many young toddlers I hear of who are over 30 or 35 lbs and therefore must be turned forward facing far earlier than desired.

A 12 month old child is 500% safer sitting rear facing in a vehicle compared to forward facing.  That's a very large number which save many lives each year.

One good reason for a 55 lbs Swedish car seat  is to protect small toddlers fragile neck muslces by keeping them rear facing longer.  Another one is the very easy install.  It's been called "moron proof" by more than one of my many customers.  Most seats fit virtually any vehicle without any special equipment. And safety benefits are as good in a Swedish car as in an American, Canadian, Australian, or German car.  Incorrectly installed caar seats are very common, the easy install helps parents to avoid dangerous mistakes.

Questions about the Swedish high weight rear facing car seats? You need a seat shipped to you?  Please send me an email at ad@adventuredad.com.  My extensive site about car seats, www.carseat.se will be up in a month or so.  

Stay safe!

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One Response to “Swedish Car Seat Questions”

  1. I am currently researching car seats for my daughter. She is 19 lbs and 26 months old. She has clearly out grown her infant seat. After researching and discovering how safe it is to keep her rear facing as long as possible, I planned on buying a convertible car seat. I had read in Sweden that they keep their children rear facing up to ages 4 and 5. At the rate my little girl is growing she may not be 4 or 5 until she is 35 pounds. So we tried the convertible seat, rear-facing and her legs hit the back seat and are bent. I have seen some articles that say that is ok and not uncomfortable. Do you know anything about that and do you know if the Swedish seats are any different in that this doesn’t happen?
    Thanks so much!!!
    Nicole – http://www.sweetinthemiddle.wordpress.com

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