Healthcare From Hell – Gagging Babies In Russia

Babymouth.jpgThere is nothing I hate more than seeing children suffer.  Especially small helpless infants.  I can't say I'm extremely surprised but I was shocked to see pictures and clips of tiny babies being gagged in a Russian hospital.  Why?  Because the staff was tired of their screaming. Fucking people.

I don't have much  respect for  the Russians. The country is in terrible shape. The overall living standard is a complete joke and Russia can boast of an infrastructure that makes the smallest village in Latin America seem high tech and modern.  Crime and corruption is off the charts.  And the country doesn't exactly top the list in areas such as democracy, freedom of speech, taking care of the environment, and being an overall responsible nation   The story about babies mouths being taped up is making headlines here in Sweden and also in UK and U.S where a video clip is available (warning for graphic scenes)

The short story is that a mother was in the hospital with her two small children and heard  muffled cries in another room.  She was shocked to find children with their mouths taped up to stop the crying.  The patient had to almost force the nurses to remove the tape but the staff continued their horrible treatment later.

“I heard that a baby was mumbling in a neighboring room; when I looked in, I saw the baby with plaster over his mouth; he could not cry or do anything, was just mumbling,”

The excuse of the hospital is that they were understaffed with too much work. Call me crazy but doesn't working in a children's hospital mean taking care of babies instead of abusing them?  Even if they are **gasp** crying?  A criminal investigation has shown that this was more or less standard treatment.  It's bad enough not to have respect for basic human rights but treating babies like shit is a bit over the top in my opinion.  After having kids I'm especially sensitive to parents and/or staff treating them badly.  And since I'm occasionally mildly claustrophobic I can barely handle the thought of being gagged for no reason.

I know salaries and education is at a rock bottom in Russia but can't people even manage to treat babies in a relatively humane manner?  I don't like crying babies, especially before I had children myself, but shutting up a baby by taping up her mouth is something I couldn't even imagine in my wildest fantasy.

Update: Now even Drudge Report is running the story 

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9 Responses to “Healthcare From Hell – Gagging Babies In Russia”

  1. I’ve never traveled outside the US. Well… Canada But its almost the same as the US.
    What is the deal with corruption? I don’t get it? Is it brought on by poverty?

    Why are the Russians so corrupt and the Danes aren’t? Is it a simple problem of leadership?

    My brother lives on the Mexican border and a co-worker of his (who owns a stained glass factory in Mexico and speaks fluent spanish) was grabbed on the Mexican side (Reynosa) by the Mexican police. It was basically a kidnapping for randsom. He’s been going back and forth for years running businesses and knows the system. I guess there was some power shift in the local police and he hadn’t paid the right person for ‘protection.’ He sat in the mexican jail for three days while his family found a way to wire 20,000 US Dollars to the right people.

    The result, he shut down his factory and twenty people are out of work.

    I can’t help but ask,
    How do you fix a problem like this?

    There is a lot of talk in the US about ‘illegal immigration’ and how to deal with it. But my question is this…
    Why do so many great people want to risk life and limb to get to the US? Why are the leaders in Mexico not asking why they are driving so many of their citizens out of Mexico with thier corrupt policies? It’s a wonderful country, with beatiful people and culture, but a terrible problem with corrupt leaders. It’s sad.

    In a neighboring Suburb from me, we have a large community of recent immigrants from Russia. The are awsome entrepreunurial people. They add so much to the community. Why are they so stifled in Russia?

    I’m afraid I’m sheltered, cause I just don’t get it.

  2. I don’t know many people that haven’t joked about such things from time to time. But to actually do it? I’m thinking that if you are in nursing (or any sort of healthcare) and this is how you handle an infant… you made a seriously wrong choice. (Sorry, that was the best description I could do, once I took out all the raving expletives).

  3. This is just freaking lunacy! I am extremely pissed off here reading and seeing this! How can anybody…anybody be so idiotic to do such a thing?! How would adults like to be gagged? I would like to gag those “tired” staff to tell them to shut their whining and do their freaking job as they are paid to do…TAKE CARE of babies! NOT gag the hell out of them! Being tired is NO excuse for making babies’ suffer! I feel so sorry for those babies to have gone through that!

    During the first months with Erik was tough! See him scream and cried and turning a few shades of red to blue on his face. BUT we never ever thought of gagging him! We were frustrated, yes, but we just handed Erik off to his loving Grandma Katy for rescue instead!

    That hospital needs to get their act together fast or be shut down!

  4. What is this world coming to, it is a wonder God doesn’t come down here for judgement day. How is the world can anyone gag a new born baby due to crying. When I saw this story this morning I couldn’t help but cry for those poor innocent souls. There is nothing more precious in this world then a new baby, they are angels sent from heaven. Even on my worst day with my grandson Hunter Lee with him screaming for a soliad 5 hrs straight i could never imagine even doing a horriable thing like that. People seem to forget that a baby is the closes thing to heaven we have here on earth. I think that hosipital should be shut down and those workers punished at the full extent of the law.

  5. Like JayMonster said, I’ve joked about it but to see that babies really ARE having their mouths taped shut is disgusting. It made me cry just to read it and see the one picture; I can’t bring myself to click for the video.

    I hadn’t heard about this. I want to go blog about it to get word out.

  6. This makes me sick to my stomach. I just don’t even know what to say.

  7. That makes me sick, I can’t even imagine.

  8. Exposing them is the first step. Next, someone should execute them. Inhumane doesn’t even come close to describing their actions.

  9. Here via HBM.

    This is shocking and so sad. Horrible, horrible stuff.

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