A Pill Which Makes You Forget

A Pill Which Makes You Forget

A pill might making us forget about bad memories might soon be available. It's unknown years into the future, but bad memories with our kids are not.  How do you currently forget about the bad things you have done or said to your kids?  Crying, alcohol, depression, guilt or other ways?

I'm known as the ghostwhisperer among kids.  I have a tremendous patience and prefer to solve things diplomatically instead of just forcing things through.  But I also loose patience ever now and then and scream at my kids.  That's as far as it goes, never any physical violence. 

But screaming at my kids, and seeing them get sad, makes me feel like crap.  Especially at times when I know my aptiencas was lost too quickly.  Which makes me wonder what  parents do who abuse their kids on a daily basis.  Emotionally and physically.  How can they sleep at night?  How can they look into the eyes of their child and not want to hang themselves immediately?

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